• Wooden Counter Display available with purchase of
    3.75 oz. Natural Scents Colognes or 3.75oz. Natural Scents Shampoos
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    Discover a rare luxury with NEW Natural Scents Shampoo and Cologne. Our Shampoo is SULFATE-FREE and is fortified with organic Baobab Protein from the fruit of the Tree of Life. Natural Scents colognes are mother natures own fragrances that will leave your pet smelling wonderful! Learn More

  • Dog Products

    Bio-Groom is known world-wide for the very best in pet care products. Each category line from Shampoos & Conditioners to Flea & Tick, Wellness & Finishers are time-tested for effectiveness and safety. Each product is targeted to address specific issues about your pets coat & skin care needs. Bio-Groom for the love of your pet and the planet, nothing but the best! Learn More

  • Cat Products

    Our luxurious line of cat products deliver the same wonderful results as with all Bio-Groom products. From a problem with fleas & ticks, to bathing a lovable little kitten, Bio-Groom understands your need for quality & softness... after all, your feline friends are worth it! Learn More

  • Ferret Products

    Fancy Ferret, is one of Bio-Groom's hottest pet care products. These all natural products are made in the Bio-Groom tradition, with the finest ingredients available And blended with the quality and hands-on care you’ve come to expect... Bio-Groom, another top-quality pet care product in the family tradition! Learn More

  • Equine Products

    Performance tested for the Equine enthusiast! Bio-Groom's proven line of horse products deliver the results for all types of equine grooming. Whether it’s for the show ring or just keeping your horses looking healthy & well groomed... Bio-Groom is perfection in a bottle! Learn More