• Colognes

    The Fragrance of Nature

    Bio-Groom's Natural Scents® Colognes bring the essence of Mother Nature's treasures to grooming. Bio-Groom's Natural Scents® Colognes burst with freshness. Country Freesia and Wild Honeysuckle make you believe they came straight from a garden in full bloom. Crisp Apple and White Ginger have the blast of a full orchard ripe for the picking. These long lasting scents linger for days. Charm the senses with Bio-Groom Natural Scents® Cologne.

    Available in the Following Sizes:

    Crisp Apple 4 oz.54004
    Country Freesia 4 oz.55004
    White Ginger 4 oz.58004
    Wild Honey 4 oz.57004
    Cologne Display99504